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The Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu (Shuxiangshijia Huisuojiudian Suzhou Pingjiangfudian) is located in the heart of Suzhou old town and handy for visiting the many local attractions and classical Chinese gardens found there.An attractive hotel,  it features traditional Chinese-style architecture,  courtyards featuring pools of water and sculptured rock.Guestrooms boast contemporary furnishings .

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住客评论 4359条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • cw_228
    Nearby attractions are very close, is happy with a hotel room.
  • rubyrainapple
    Well ... Very good ... Antique garden wind
  • gjiang
    Quiet, the flavor of the classical gardens of Suzhou, and praise one!
  • dingyl
    Hotel garden was beautiful, the room was warm, good front desk service.
  • intowind
    Overall, the Samsung about it.
  • njlemontree
    The location is very good, and also satisfied with hotel service
  • aodei
    Service was very good, especially in front of Uncle and chauffeur, the House is quiet, it is a bit old and small access road was blocked, but it can't, regularly send? point car service is great
  • blap2118
    Very good of hotel, location and superior, distance core scenic and street is near, shopping where are convenient, and distance Metro station is near. hotel environment no said, surprise! more rare is, hotel of Qian Office garden half Park, was is hundreds of years of old garden, casually a star tree are is 300 years above age, culture heritage no to Colombia, full recommended staying
  • owl29
    Very satisfied, which is South of scholarly, very comfortable, understated luxury, landscape design, very good.
  • denly
    Service is top notch. exceptionally good location, nearby attractions and more!
  • miliya
    Very convenient hotel location very good, staff very friendly.
  • Maine2008
    Very good experience, very warm, living conditions were quiet, scholarly atmosphere, ping Jiang Lodge is close to the street.
  • crclogic
    Stayed many times, environmental health services are good, are becoming more expensive
  • E00605153
    All right
  • percywpw
    Hotel is a garden style, easy to walk to the humble Administrator's garden and lion Grove, hotel out right pingjiang. step on site but stopped a lot of cars on the road, when you walk in the hotel to pay attention to traffic, but also out of the garden of the hotel set.
  • woailiujie
    The best hotel i have stayed in for this trip. Beautiful buildings, rooms are nice and clean. Staff service is superb (esp the drivers). Hotel thoughtfulness is amazing (provide free transportation to tourist attractions, auto central heater etc). Location is in middle of 2 attractions. Definitely will stay here again.
  • green0330
    The hotel is located near by Pingjiang road that you can enjoy Suzhous old waterway by walking. Chinese exteior but modern rooms and has garden. Breakfast service is not bad.
  • caixiaojow
    Four years ago, lived in the hotel, very good impression! thick Suzhou charm, MOM very much and the food is very delicious, and there was beauty, field comments on ties, kind guy at the front desk service, and uncle Guide, Super warm and polite?
  • daisylixiao
    Doorman Uncle genteel, enthusiastic Guide, beauty offers attractions information at the front desk,?
  • e00001074
    Breath full of books, everywhere South of the show to view from pingjiang road 3 minutes from the lion Grove, humble Administrator's garden is about a 10-minute walk to.
  • caojia0725
    Hotel bus information, especially in Wuzhen, of vehicles such as Zhouzhuang tourist information!
  • mj_cj
    Software needs to be improved
  • cmjping
    Fine grade, one step away from the city center, level select
  • anne0616
    Very good, highly recommended!
  • Answerlen
    More ... Great line
  • bb817
    This hotel is so worth it! Check-in my room was not ready when managers give rise directly to-'presidential suite'! Beautiful inside! Hotel has free performances, dinner at the restaurant was also singing the melody and feeling good. Whole hotel is decorated elegant, feel real scholars. Go to each site, as long as the greeting with the hotel in advance, there will be free shuttle! Dazan this hotel!
  • Ambeo
  • e00986518
    Good location, from the humble lion forest garden, pingjiang Lu Guan Qian Street very close to walking good, hotel staff very good, edge make sweet-scented osmanthus tea's sister is cute.
  • cloverllf
    Nice hotel facilities old points, still not bad
  • rainfly1975
    This hotel good, I like the style, and praise one!
  • bandywong
    This is a very good and comfortable hotel. It is very near the Humble Administrators Garden and Lion Forest Garden, around 10 to 15 mins walk.
  • ccw0win
    Hotel location is good, next door of pingjiang road eat of things many, has been go to views Qian Street also is near. hotel is beautiful, room within of some facilities also is human, to said shortcomings probably is service personnel has, room in some place also can see Shang a bit households of traces, only of households feedback table was is addition a between tenant wrote has left to of, probably is see also not see a eye on received go has then again again sent to we room of's, that bit tenant wrote has is pertinent of views promisesNot back to the bar ... ... Of course to Suzhou to the door in the end Uncle CHAN, tone-
  • deerxiaolu
    Very good hotel, I love pingjiang road, room normal on the first day, the next day for a free upgrade to the first floor, totally good! next time go to the Suzhou hotel.
  • Sxiong
    Clean, hygienic and tidy, service very good! location away from the humble Administrator's Garden less than 10 minutes ' walk from pingjiang road is also close, easy to play!
  • angelli831114
    Beautiful environment, service is excellent, will stay again.
  • lanxiaoyang
    Hotel very happy with distinctive elegant environment charity are available, very close to the walk from the main attractions
  • sonmin
    Environment is very good, service or for walking around to play
  • babyelevn
    Nice hotel, service very good. position.
  • jieneng007
    Rooms are spacious, room is not small, has good signal but not stable, ideal for business accommodation, printer, rare, great location is near from the pingjiang road, good, restaurant service
  • bornews
    First choice of family holiday hotel Oh! and good attitude, good service, and great balcony drying of clothes ... only thing is health environmental improvements!
  • taropotato
    Hotel good location and very quiet, to the door, and uncle to pick us up so far. water flowing under the little bridge, Zambia than the picture!
  • Intertrade
    Very good hotel
  • DingDDon
    Very satisfied! service is particularly good ... the perfect location, can walk to. even more rare is a free tourist spots shuttle! will come later.
  • cici1217
    Nice hotel, very comfortable stay, recommendations, location is good
    Tasted a bit important open air out the window of the room-the environment and service were good-
  • jl0302
    Walked into the hotel there's a clear feeling, books smell very strong
  • super250
  • e00317099
    Master calligraphy skills
  • bingo75
    Never go, this hotel is really good, not like the international five-star luxury, but in Suzhou the city should experience in landscape architecture, very clean, nice car sent to the surrounding area, especially convenient, feeling of a home away from home, the hotel restaurant was very good, like exquisite good taste, than other old clean, and opera performances, very elegant
  • young1125
    Before you choose Suzhou Hotel requires a Suzhou only stay for one night, to choose to eat and attractions are very easy, finally opted for the scholarly sites Golden Bridge mansion. Location very good, walking to the humble Administrator's Garden, lion Grove are quite close, pingjiang was next to go here at night, eat dinner listening to Opera, very pleasant. From the restaurant is close to the highest concentration of guanqian Street. If you want to go to other places, vehicles can book a hotel to the attractions, too sweet.Rooms at the time, hotel staff saw me carrying the elderly children, offer up, the room was big and spacious, pleasant living. Hotel in of half Park, see with is has charm, Garden in of Starling too make has, son with Starling bucket has half mouth, is interesting. noon eat have too full has, on to Hotel Tour has later swimming, water temperature slightly points cool, but tour had swimming zhihou belly empty out and can eat delicious of has. hotel of bath supplies with of Ou Shudan of whip grass, is collection mind... Great experience, who later went to Suzhou, I recommend this hotel.