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Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu is located in Baita East Road, with convenient transportation. Relying on the famous Qing Dynasty garden 'beibanyuan', the Hotel integrates the essence of Wu culture and modern luxury as one of the most Suzhou theme creative culture hotels.
It has all kinds of luxurious and comfortable guest rooms, wine restaurant, elegant style box, large luxury banquet hall, cafeteria, professional multi-function conference hall, plus warm and thoughtful, meticulous and intimate, professional personalized service, will provide a comfortable and warm environment for distinguished guests. The hotel also has a gymnasium and indoor swimming pool, which provide more perfect equipment for the guests, so that you can enjoy the smart and exquisite beauty of Suzhou gardens in close distance while living, dining, leisure and tea.
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FAQs when booking at Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu.

  • Does Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu?

    Each costs cny88 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu?

    The room prices is from cny999, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • lyyiya
    The hotel environment is good, the location is good, the service attitude is warm, upgrade the room, super happy
  • janice19874100
    Good location, travel Humble Administrator's garden, stay in the garden and other super convenient. But the room actual facilities and the courtyard environment and the website picture some do not match, slightly disappointed!
    Very good, that's right!
  • amissu
    I wanted to have a good look at the gardens in Suzhou, so I chose Pingjiang mansion. The surrounding lion forest, Humble Administrator's garden, lotus root garden and Pingjiang old street are not far away
  • passtian
    It feels like a scholarly family. It is quiet and elegant!
  • e00723954
    The external environment is better than the internal environment. The room is a little small and regular.
  • coldtea
    Very good, antique
  • miliya
    Very convenient, the hotel location is very good, and the waiters are very friendly.
  • dugulucy
    The location of the hotel is quite good. You can walk five to ten minutes to the lion forest, Humble Administrator's garden, Suzhou zoo, etc. there is Pingjiang road nearby. It's a good choice to stroll in the evening.
  • e00986518
    The location is good. It's close to Shizilin Humble Administrator's garden, Pingjiang road and Guanqian Street. It's good to walk. The service staff in the hotel lobby are very good. The sister who is making cinnamon tea is very cute.
  • flour0120
    Very close to the scenic spot and comfortable accommodation.
  • xucan584
    very nice
  • arias
    The location of the store is undeniable. It is quiet in the midst of trouble. It is very close to famous scenic spots such as the Lion Forest Museum in the Humble Administrator's garden. Pingjiang road is next to it. This time I booked a business room with fax machine and other equipment, but I can't use it, ha ha. The service is important and should be praised. First of all, the uncle waiter came from a distance to pick up his luggage. Although he was a little embarrassed at the beginning, after all, the other party was older than himself. Fortunately, his luggage was not heavy, and this situation immediately made me feel better about the hotel
  • Beer99
    It's good. It's OK. It's clean. Next time
  • gibos
    The reason why I gave the whole 5 points does not mean that the hotel is perfect. However, in terms of geographical location, it's absolutely good. It's not ten minutes away from Humble Administrator's garden, museum, lion forest and lotus root garden. There are free shuttle buses to Huqiu, Hanshan Temple and Xiyuan temple. It's only 50 meters away from Pingjiang Road, the pedestrian street. Personally, it's much better than Guanqian Street, because Guanqian Street is a commercial street, which is basically available in any city, There is no feature. It's better to walk along Pingjiang road. It's a scenic spot during the day and at night. Besides the hotel service, objectively speaking, the hotel service staff have a strong sense of service, especially the concierge in the lobby. Many of them are Uncle level, especially the uncle on the morning shift on August 8. He is really like the uncle next door. Every time we go in and out, he will say Hello, as if he had been a neighbor for decades, making people feel at home. But the young people in the hotel were almost there. Once the cleaning aunt forgot to put the floor towel for us. I called the room center on the room phone. The little girl didn't know what the floor towel was. She said that she was the switchboard, and no one told her the name of the items in the room; Once we ordered a room to deliver meals. After eating, I didn't want to bother the waiter to collect the tableware again. I wanted to take it downstairs when I went out in the evening. As a result, the waiter in the lobby actually said that he didn't know that the song restaurant of the hotel was responsible for delivering meals. Later, I inquired about it. The hotel only delivered meals in the western dining room, but not in the Chinese restaurant. From these two things, A good attitude alone cannot solve the problem. However, this hotel is worth recommending, especially for those with old people and children. It is very convenient to travel without getting involved
  • solgel
    It's very close to the scenic spot. It's good
  • allan0016
    The hotel environment is good, the geographical location is very advantageous, there are many attractions and snacks around. But as a five-star hotel, the bathroom is a little poor. I feel that everything else is good when I enter the apartment for the elderly.
  • ann317
    The room price of 1600 yuan a night, enjoy the service and attitude of 160 chain hotels, really bad! There is not even a basic polite expression from entering to leaving the store! The surrounding environment Pingjiang road is really good! Ancient street style
  • junajing
    It's reserved for mom and dad. Dad thought about it for a long time. The location is very good, the hotel environment is also very good, forcing gegao. But the facilities in the guest room are not so good. It feels old. And it's small. The cost performance is not high. It's OK to stay once in a while.
  • lx7100
    Very good
  • BillyLau
    Everything is good. The hotel is located in the center of the old city. There are many small shops around. It's convenient to go to the surrounding scenic spots, Humble Administrator's garden and Museum. It's just a walk. It is the charm of a typical Suzhou garden, and the room is large enough,
  • fjuan0123
    The hotel is very good! It's worth recommending!
  • apeisme
    A hotel full of characteristics, the service is too good, like its small garden
  • Eric Yang
    The location is very good. Go out is Pingjiang Road, you can walk around, you can also take a hand boat, the pier is diagonally opposite the door of the hotel. The room is not luxurious, but large and comfortable. The elderly housekeepers and concierges are very considerate and take the initiative to help solve all kinds of problems. The Chinese food is delicious and the noodle soup is impressive. There is also a beautiful garden, small and exquisite, with two children playing in it for a long time. Very satisfied with the check-in experience.
  • Jarvis fur ball
  • d03147574
    The hotel is very close to the scenic spots. It is commendable for its service and scholarly atmosphere
  • gs039670
    Hotel location is good, close to Humble Administrator's garden, design style is distinctive, the waiter is very warm, also gave breakfast, room facilities are general, the price is not suitable, cost performance is general. But I still like it.
  • bigcat911
    so so
  • abcdxxxun
    First of all, the advantages: the location of the hotel is very good, the built-in garden is also very exquisite and beautiful, and the waiters are also quite warm. Then, the disadvantages: as a boutique hotel with more than 1000 items, the details need to be improved, the quality of the hotel's spare parts is not good, the quality of the bedding is also very general, the structure of the shower is very strange, and there is no place for towels and clothes, The reservation package said there were welcome fruits and coupons, but none of them were given to the guests
  • rio32
    With beautiful environment, friendly service and complete facilities, it is the preferred hotel for tourism and vacation.
  • neorui
    What I want to say is that when I come to Suzhou, I choose pingjiangfu hotel. From leaving the high-speed railway station to leaving Suzhou, the courtesy and warm-hearted service of the concierge and the team has always been with us, especially at the pick-up station. There is a special bus between the scenic spots. On the way, I listen to the master talk about the history of Suzhou, recommend delicious restaurants, and let us taste the most authentic Suzhou food, From an old gentleman to a handsome young man, the high professional quality of the service staff makes us feel the humanistic charm of Suzhou, a famous historical city. I also like the elegant cultural atmosphere of the hotel lobby and elevator room. When I come back from the evening, I write calligraphy and read books in the hall, take a walk in the backyard, and then return to the warm and spacious room, which is warm and comfortable, I will choose to stay here next time. In addition, we ordered two nights and two days. When we checked in, it was upgraded, but we could only stay one night. The next day, we gave a temporary notice to change the room. Although it didn't bring too much trouble, if the front desk could inform the guests in advance, it would not bring inconvenience to the guests. I hope it can be improved.
  • BrucePang
    Overall, it was pretty good, but the wrong room card was given, but it was also because the name was similar. But it was corrected in time.
  • m_tang
    The hotel is very close to the Humble Administrator's garden and lion forest. You don't need to drive. It's very convenient to walk there. You can take a stroll on Pingjiang road nearby.
  • a339551620
    The location of the hotel is good. It belongs to the city center and is very close to the garden. You can walk. The attitude of the waiter was ok, but the overall details were not handled well!
  • ginado
    Good, comment on five-star breakfast
  • syfeit
    With beautiful scenery, low-key luxury and considerate service, the housekeeper uncle is a scene. It's just a pity that I didn't drive to the scenic spot or see the swimming pool. Come back next time
  • juner2828
    The location is super good, next to Pingjiang road. It's worth recommending. The only drawback is that the price is a little expensive.................
  • ronnyduan
    Location, price and quality are as expected, no complaints, no surprises. Location, price and quality are as expected, no complaints, no surprises. Location, price and quality are as expected, no complaints, no surprises
  • cforest
    Very satisfied!
  • xl86081122
    The room is great! The environment is great! Great service! Cost effective! Worth recommending!
  • brett2006
    It's a boutique hotel worth recommending. The location is very convenient. Lipingjiang road is close at hand. You can go there if you want after dinner. The uncle at the door of the hotel is very warm and comfortable. What's more, the hotel has a free bus to the Humble Administrator's garden. It's very considerate. Lion forest is very close. It's recommended to walk. You must stay next time.
  • denly
    The hotel service is first-class. The geographical location is particularly good, with many surrounding scenic spots!
  • feng2826
    not bad
  • bosimaowu
    I stayed in five hotels along the way. I just want to say that this one is the most satisfied. There is nothing to say about the good service. The guests are all great men. They are very friendly. They help to take their luggage and recommend good tourist routes and local food. The key is that there is a special bus to pick up and send them to various scenic spots. When they go, they wait to see them. When the time is almost up, they will take the initiative to call and ask if they need a car to pick up the hotel. In particular, the team leader was knowledgeable and explained all the way. Very friendly! In short, it is really super five-star! In addition, the hotel environment is good, the room is very big, very comfortable!
  • abc123321
    The hotel is big and antique
  • nova1107
    The environment is antique and the mood is beautiful
  • gebe928
    The service of the hotel is good, the location is good, the facilities are generally damaged seriously
  • emilysmart
    Very stylish, nice environment, very clean, and parrots. Recommended
  • coral115
    The hotel is good and the environment is good.
  • jinxiaojue
    Compared with its price, it's too bad. The room is too big and the service is flashy
  • AnsonTin
    From other places to Suzhou, very bad impression! Very disappointed! The child fell in the hotel. The 2-year-old child was full of blood and wanted to be sent to the hospital for stitches. No one came out to ask. He couldn't reach the car. After waiting for a long time, he called 110 and said you should call 120 yourself. Let me describe the process of the fall on the phone! A customer with a car couldn't look down on it, so he took the initiative to send the child to the hospital. I came back to take a taxi to the hotel. It was raining heavily. I told the driver to take it downstairs. The child had just finished sewing the needle. He didn't bring an umbrella and couldn't get wet. Unexpectedly, the inhumane dog driver stopped at the gate and let us off! From the gate to live downstairs straight-line distance of 300 meters, under heavy rain, the child just finished sewing needle! Have been to so many places, never a city so cold! No taxi driver in a city is so inhumane! No five-star hotel is so black hearted! The hotel has a car to take the guests to the scenic spots, but no car to take the injured guests to the hospital! Bad! I will never come back to Suzhou in my life!
    The surrounding environment is very good, and it's convenient to travel, especially on Pingjiang road. The hotel service is general, the facilities and equipment are old, and the room wallpaper is stripped, which is not the grade of five-star boutique hotel at all! Breakfast varieties are relatively single. Overall cost performance is not high, 1000 yuan house price is not the standard!
  • mys870311
    The environment is very good
  • gretjoe
    The environment is very good and characteristic. It's also very close to each scenic spot. It's within walking distance
  • bcsoon
    All aspects of the hotel are in good order and meet the five-star standard. There is no bright spot, and there is no reason to add points.
  • ray_gong
    The location of the hotel is super good, and the service is also good. However, it did not meet the international five-star standard. The floor of the room was loose, the sound of air conditioning, the bedding was not fluffy, and the towels were old.
  • luciferfing
    The hotel is very comfortable and the service is also very good!
  • dadadexiaoxiaop
    There's a lot of silver
  • CeciliaOu
    The hotel is very good, big enough and close to the scenic spot.
  • apple482
  • airli
    It was beautiful and comfortable. I went there late at night. I didn't look at it carefully. The next day, I found that it was beautiful everywhere
  • donglingjie
    The hotel has Suzhou garden characteristics, elegant and quiet, close to Pingjiang road. After dinner, it is very interesting to walk along Pingjiang road pedestrian street.
  • Carolyn1209
    The hardware and software of this hotel are quite good. The most important thing is the strong cultural atmosphere. It is definitely the first choice to come to Suzhou