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The Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu (Shuxiangshijia Huisuojiudian Suzhou Pingjiangfudian) is located in the heart of Suzhou old town and handy for visiting the many local attractions and classical Chinese gardens found there.An attractive hotel,  it features traditional Chinese-style architecture,  courtyards featuring pools of water and sculptured rock.Guestrooms boast contemporary furnishings .

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住客评论 4195条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • lao_mao
    Location is good, very good, comes with small garden is very beautiful, drink tea in the shade is desirable. room quite satisfactory, except for towels a bit old, said other facilities do not have the Internet so bad. the most important thing is my mom feel good, then OK. front desk service is also good.
  • E02288382
    In the lobby there is a sense of culture, good!
  • youba
    Very nice, not staying for the first time, but every time feels good! will continue to choose here, will recommend to friends. Really easy, the next opportunity would come.
  • Bill0821
    Hotel services are good, from the many attractions are very near.
  • brandafan
    The entire environment of the hotel is OK, breakfast service and food, and health should be improved within the room, bedding and towels and no difference below 3 stars, but its environment.
  • binfen123007
    So-so service decoration not as perfect
  • E02564541
    Very satisfied!
  • ding_dan
    Elegant environment
  • digitalcam
    Very scholarly taste hotel room has Mexican flavor?
  • gfigure
    Hotel of location no said, make in the take static, away from clumsy political Park lion forest Museum, famous attractions are is near, pingjiang road is next. This set of is business room, with fax, equipment just also with not Shang, hehe. service is important to praise of, first is Uncle level of waiter far came took luggage, although beginning somewhat sorry, after all other than himself older, but luggage not also heavy, and this situation immediately let I on hotel has has goodwill, because Hotel willing to for theseUncle provides employment of opportunities, let they continues to happy to work hard have. Special to praise of is hotel of team, hotel is free sent guest to the attractions of, we at sat Shang has Zheng master of car, he way for we Dang free of guide, reminded we don't believes attractions around those scalpers, with we introduced Suzhou of specialty and so on, until destination. most important of is, in he didn't received Hotel new of with car arrangements Xia, in attractions outside, has we half hours, and sentWe went to the next place, and finally back at the hotel, we get the feeling of being at home really. for Master Cheng here big big praise.
  • gebe928
    Hotel good location good facilities badly damaged
  • conglin258
  • dadadexiaoxiaop
    Good good good good good good silver, Oh
  • Lpaly
    Service, elegant decoration, good location, elegant environment
  • discusit
    All right
  • audreyxiao
    Quilt is too damp, the park environment very well, Suzhou garden style
  • ly19891220
    Lucky, free upgrade, live better, forget what ... Antique hotel, pleasant small yard clean-out gave them cookies, the next time you come to Suzhou will consider here-
  • njlaopa
    Half round a lot of flavor, the hotel antique and modern both.
  • e00767699
    Poetic temperament Hotel Suzhou.
  • cscarly
    Hotel is very good, rooms at 3309, check out mother's ring falls in the hotel are basic back hopes not, and aunt was cleaning the room at this hotel after communication to find, thank you very much hotel staff, next time will choose the pingjiang House. the surrounding environment is also good ...
  • derlin
    In the center of the location, traffic convenient, walking to the snack Street
  • cymivy85
    Nice hotel, service can be, space
  • E05051436
    Accompany the parents play, good location, within walking distance of the main attractions. 11 period to cancel a special shuttle service hotel, don't feel uncle's hospitality.
  • e05376610
    Poor soundproofing of rooms, is around the old town, the environment, lion forest in places such as much closer to the weak to choose new hotel next time, the price is high, prices
  • e00064831
    Thanks to the hotel's services, free upgrade of the room, and complimentary breakfast, service friendly, it feels good.
  • debora199043
    Facilities are old and others are good
  • ljwtmac
    Environment is like the architectural style of beauty services at the front desk here keen to help you adjust your room adjustment anyway very helpful
  • panicyf
    Branded hotel chain, the hotel was full of books, the hotel will have a distinctive half round. good location, pingjiang road, lion forest close to walk to. hotel services and cozy, great hotel.
  • autumnyyy
    Very good, glasses at the hotel to express it back the next day. thank you waiter
  • carol li
    For a non-long triangle area of visitors, spent so more money set a without well-known of brand, is is once adventure, but is is a happy of experience. hotel of bathroom hardware are is some not well-known of brand, but looks is is tall Shang. a half bathroom of design surprise and convenient, children are without to Rob toilet and fight. room unexpectedly of big, two a children in inside play completely no any forced. just breakfast looks is beauty just, full a HouseFood, but not some desirable, for the main Soviet-style hotel experience, Chinese dim sum tastes too far, a meal
  • roseraobb
    Nice hotel with elegant environment, scenic spots, said Suzhou Hangzhou is better than ...
  • fei850627
    Service very attentive, nice, travel more convenient. will come next time!
  • e00865101
    Hotel service was excellent, staff were very polite, the environment is very beautiful, next to the leisure Street, ping Jiang Road, is ideal for leisure travel
  • yuntian245
    Location the hotel is in a quiet place, very close to the city's main attractions are the hotel services is in place, to come again.
  • nainiu
    A beautifully maintained hotel with helpful staff in an excellent location. One place I would definitely return to.
  • amylu_96
    Good service, exciting, unique atmosphere
  • loretta
    Facilities are relatively old, possibly due to humidity, heavy. toilet not very good ... is quite good, the special lobby several of Uncle, strong sense of service, talk funny. Hotel turn left out is the ping Jiang Road, very convenient.
  • bbscwl206020
    Beautiful environment. service warm and cozy.
  • dfddddd
    Accessible, garden-style hotels, such as bridges, pavilions, lack of breakfast
  • caracara
    Live twice, to family members live here
  • pc1959
    Very nice garden hotel
  • Jess-Y
    Most satisfactory environment the antique charm of the hotel facilities and so on are very good
  • copyngan
    Hotel aroma
  • awb1986
    Very good hotel, the static, recommended
  • e00098814
    Very nice, not staying for the first time, but every time feels good! will continue to choose here, will recommend to friends. Really easy, the next opportunity would come.
  • maldini861028
    If three-star hotel could barely move in, fees can be paid is 13,001 night five-star hotel/I'm going to do it?
  • andycyc
    Elegant and clean, staff friendly
  • sj771cn
    Fancy is the location of the hotel, to the humble Administrator's Garden, soubo, lion Grove, Lotus Park, very convenient. hotel in a beautiful environment, make quiet. door there is a small garden--' half round ', go do not have fun. Guest room interior design are also very good, we are elegant suites, a very large area, but also very comfortable, inadequacies in the bathroom the lack of use of laundry facilities, and TV remote control does not causeTV unable to change channels, and air conditioning problems don't get solved quickly, hope shop strengthened prior to arrival inspections in the future. Hotel service is first class, whether it is the receptionist in the lobby, and room service staff, attitudes are very friendly, we had expressed the hope that the lingering garden tours, free shop also sent vehicles to take us to, we find very convenient. In short, this stay we were very satisfied.
  • SevenYan
    Pingjiang road near naozhongqujing a mansion!
  • abxabx
    Hotel itself is a small garden, very quiet. from pingjiang road, is close to the humble Administrator's garden and lion Grove. breakfast is also very good.