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The Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu (Shuxiangshijia Huisuojiudian Suzhou Pingjiangfudian) is located in the heart of Suzhou old town and handy for visiting the many local attractions and classical Chinese gardens found there.An attractive hotel,  it features traditional Chinese-style architecture,  courtyards featuring pools of water and sculptured rock.Guestrooms boast contemporary furnishings .

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住客评论 4247条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • deda2008
    Environment is very good, very comfortable! next time OK! next door is the pingjiang road, night eating a lot of things!
  • yellowcat
    Quite hotel with neo-classical garden style, pleasant environment, high living comfort, the rooms there is also a printer and other Office equipment ... only downside is the bathroom tub was not very reasonable.
  • bsdsy
    Vintage, from the humble Administrator's Garden, lion Grove are very close ... breakfast OK
  • wuxiaoming
    Hotel is very good, is near from the pingjiang, recommended
  • snowcindy
    Oh well
  • cindy0115
    Nice decoration book aroma. pingjiang road is close, again.
  • langs
    Hotel location very better, opposite is pingjiang road, dinner of location not more, grandfather welcome bin service good, instead is front desk service General, four two small two between big bed room wants to added bed also cannot added, attitude indifference, later room door are heard can added bed of voice; room facilities slightly explicit old, shower room partial small, overall consider price words also is somewhat unworthy of.
  • rollar
    Hotel is very good, great culture, next time! 32-Zambia
  • ellalawang
    Comfort and good service, the Park shuttle ... ....
  • namev_cn
    Yes, shantang Street home where she lived before, I feel very fine, the pingjiang road this House, yet atmospheric, health is not as good as there is also good
  • eccotinaguo
    First arrangement was not satisfied with the room was wet is not good there is no network of health the next day and Assistant Manager Communications Manager to upgrade the room upgraded room service to the hotel satisfactory
  • sj7788
    Nice hotel is near from the ping Jiang Jie
  • foreven
    Comfort and service
  • e01825542
    Price is a little expensive
  • agllf2010
    Friend, the price to be fair to the guest experience and service.
  • filoin
    Very nice hotel, quaint and feels so good!
  • mys870311
    A very good environment
  • icegreeve
    Hotel main antique style! equipped inkstick in a room makes you on-the-job training! hehe think together, toilet and shower areas easier! is separate from the hotel I stayed in room, rooms have washbasin, as there is no need!
    Location is very good, Chinese style
  • anubis67
    Hotels in Chinese design, garden style, quaint atmosphere. great location. breakfast, breakfast of Pingtan, tea ceremony, surprise.
  • e00540836
    Elegant environment, great location, superior service, highly recommended!
  • joycolor
    A hotel is a garden, natural environment is superb, wish room service a step further.
  • e01374995
    Hotel name reveals a classic and rich, slightly simple rooms, facilities were poor, with five-star standards there is a big gap! especially in the hotel management has a great deal of room for improvement! should no longer be considered later.
  • Joyce-LJ
    Hotel ambiance good, service very good, it is worth staying
  • Simon92996
    Good health the next live
  • CeciliaOu
    Hotel is very good, big enough, from the attractions are also close.
  • dgc2001
    Quiet rest sent
    Hotel service super good, has free of car sent to attractions, punctuality start. lots also is good! just staying just door of when floor are is wet of, just drag finished to, feet stepped on up are is footprints, toilet bath of place also is unlikely to clean, toilet also somewhat blocked. with mother to tourism of, most main fancy has car shuttle attractions, without too hard! yihou also will consider staying, after all Suzhou old five-star hotel on several
  • liuyuan12123
    Nice, very nice, easy to play around
  • bigsnail
    Hotels in downtown, go a few steps to pingjiang road, is near from the scenic area, parking is not very big, but in front of the uncle was very keen for us the way ... very nice rooms, very big and spacious. While in the downtown area, but the hotel was quiet, be naozhongqujing, generally very satisfactory.
  • yuline714
    Features very good worth to
  • bettybin
    Welcome Uncle good hotels are also featured. P.S. likes the talking Pug?
  • wangxiaotao2
    Friends to live, very recommended, came like the environment, atmosphere, service was very good, you must praise and recommend!
  • BorisGuo
    Hotel is very unique, antique, service is in place, the attitude is very good, rooms OK, a bit small, bathrooms with bathtubs and showers are, I think is not very convenient, nice, quite convenient traffic, overall.
  • suermum
    Prices have no say, super expensive ... but the service is super nice
  • comelu
    Great hotel, great courtyard style, family love, quiet, travel is also very convenient
  • e01625974
    Really a nice place
  • afeifree
    Hotel of environment and location quite good, focuses on stressed waiter of service attitude really of is good of very, special enthusiasm, real of home away from home Ah, also has all attractions of free shuttle, mention about one surname JI of young driver, service is in place Ah, drive of while, also introduced has many local of customs, praise a a. Hotel only ointment of is towel and wipe towel also has towel, seems wash of not is clean, but I out these things are is since, It does not matter, the flaw does not cover a defect, in short, is a recommended hotel
  • E03139378
    Elegant environment, it is worth staying.
  • sagou2
    Is Suzhou garden view hotel, beautiful scenery, room Suzhou features antique. all staff are warm and friendly, environment and features active guests hotel. worthy of a hotel in Suzhou.
  • e04832986
    Is good and courtyard there is a small yard. environmental facilities, what not to say, service at the front desk were warm and considerate, especially in front of a couple of old waiters, is very welcome.
  • benbenxiong426
    Hotel is located in pingjiang road and Park are very close, very nice, very convenient!
  • e00219416
    Nice room good taste, a close neighbor of pingjiang road blocks.
  • cc0126
    Room was clean and comfortable, the traffic is very convenient, it is suitable for family family fun
  • xinxin86227
    Very good hotel, the furniture layout standards are very beautiful
  • coldang
    Staff good facilities good
  • colafenda
    The room and service were very good. convenient location. next time to stay.
  • flanix
    Very good angle, and attractions, free shuttle bus is very convenient
  • FJ1383
    Very nice, not staying for the first time, but every time feels good! will continue to choose here, will recommend to friends. Really easy, the next opportunity would come.
  • daisy415
    Excepting a surge is quite good, the relationship may be rainy for days, it is understandable