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蘇州書香邸平江府 (Scholars Hotel PingJiangFu Suzhou), ホテルは白塔東路に位置し、交通が便利で、有名な清代庭園「北半園」を頼りにして、呉文化の精髄と現代豪華を一体化した最も蘇州のテーマ創意文化ホテルです。
  • 蘇州書香邸平江府のチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • 蘇州書香邸平江府にプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • 蘇州書香邸平江府 の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • 蘇州書香邸平江府にはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • 蘇州書香邸平江府は前払いを受け入れますか?


  • 蘇州書香邸平江府はレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • 蘇州書香邸平江府朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY108/人。

  • 蘇州書香邸平江府の宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • e00001074
    Breath full of books, everywhere South of the show to view from pingjiang road 3 minutes from the lion Grove, humble Administrator's garden is about a 10-minute walk to.
  • Nicole_YIN
    Very good, service very good, the environment is graceful
  • beibei1980
    The hotel is located next to the Suzhou Street, to the humble Administrator's Garden, lion Grove is very convenient, can visit the Suzhou Street at night, there are many shops and restaurants. the hotel provides a good service, a sick child, the waiter volunteered to help buy a thermometer, and wheelchair use, Chinese food is very delicious at the hotel and will stay there again next time.
  • aileen0930
    Good location, services are also in place, it is recommended that
  • caol0
    Experience the culture of old Suzhou Hotels, to pingjiang road at night, slow culture.
  • yongyia123456
    MOM says is very good, service very friendly. room was very big and clean
  • CuteStefanie
    Environment and elegant, a free shuttle to nearby attractions, great. praise. breakfast, air conditioning and refrigeration so much. and this is not very satisfied with the. waiters are polite. good.
  • JJ small
    Pingjiang House decoration and meticulous, thoughtful service, good location, two or three minutes walking distance to pingjiang, attractions, and food is nearby! will recommend to friends!
  • ericso
    Hotel main also is WINS in service and garden Shang, and other people feel as, door of Uncle is kind, help mention things, carrying baby car, help called car what, also will make baby play. half Park also good, although is unlikely to, but Suzhou garden the some features also are has all reflected, for I home of small baby for, actually tour this garden and shopping those big of garden for also nothing difference. baby most like garden in of that only Starling, has been said 'Hello', put baby makeVery happy, has refused to go out to play. Hotel room was actually very little, and there is no separate shower, somewhat unfortunately, free mineral water in the room and only 2 small bottles of nongfu spring, and if you need to add, 5 Yuan per bottle, the slightly feel a little uncomfortable, lived with the Lake Resort the day before, immediately free bottled water to call room service. Location is good, go out the pingjiang road, go to Guan Qian Street about 10More minutes.
  • alexsyj
    Very good hotel, close to attractions, travel
  • sun3547
    Hotel location excellent, lovely quiet. Hotel out the door to the right is the famous Suzhou pingjiang road. the hotel environment is very good, large red doors gold hotel name on the plaque, a look at let people shake, quaint atmosphere. door is the famous half round to the right, set the Suzhou Garden features, mini, elegant. Hotel lobby staff were very kind, help you with your bags to the room. the hotel has tea ceremony performance, performing the beauties will invite you to drink a cup of tea.
  • cairuli
    Environment is very good, is near from the pingjiang, arrived a few minutes ' walk from the lion Grove special close
  • melilime
    Room good, external facilities
  • angels
    Very nice hotel in a quiet, sound good
  • xxf0359
    Hotel was good, standard Star-class hotels, and during the Spring Festival holidays the prices are still quite reasonable. less hotels breakfast, location rarely, votes are to pay 30 yuan per person for breakfast. geographical location can also be from the Wuyi square 15-20 minutes on foot.
  • tangtang8896
    Antique hotel, warm service, send Soviet-style candy dessert is so delicious
  • adamsm
    Well, from the attractions near
  • aileen9595
    Satisfied, particularly in services, very good.
  • CindyXu52
    Good place, good!
  • dc2g521
    Reflect the characteristics of any scholars, while price is a little expensive!
  • angelayui
    Very unique
  • fwx8820990
    Hotel location is very added points of, near lion forest, clumsy political Park, Suzhou Museum, pingjiang road on in door, convenient tour! environment beautiful quiet, also with a fine of small garden! a to hotel front desk told upgrade has rooms to tenkorou, with balcony of, also delay has check out time, quite was very satisfaction! lobby antique, Porter are is old of Uncle, enthusiastic kind, very in place! room facilities decoration has Chinese design taste, unfortunately sheets and hairTablecloth texture could be better, there is no way compared with the Jinji Lake Hotel. toilet room and bathroom separate, toilet room with wash basin, SOAP was missing towels. back under Suzhou should also consider staying again.
  • aclye
    Ping Jiang's throw away old street, conveniently just door environment needs to be improved.
  • fayeyuyan
    Very good hotel!
  • e02185993
    Very special! love it!
  • mayjuan
    Is good of hotel. location good, out several step is pingjiang Road Street, again go is is clumsy political Park, lion forest, attractions. hotel service or, Concierge Department of waiter is has courtesy, service is human, does to people home away from home of feel. hotel of furnishings culture atmosphere is thick, sat in lobby in, ear came melodious of music, is enjoy. room of equipment, decoration also is good, next to Suzhou also will staying.
  • dtcaonn
    Very good hotel
  • e00130111
    Hotel good service, good location, is the humble Administrator's Garden to the right places such as lion, Park Zoo of Suzhou Dong Yuan coupling to the left, next to the Golden Bridge Street, walk 15 minutes is Guan Qian Street.
  • a_bobo
    Price/performance is not high, thought the antique, but the room has featured little, little
  • baoxiangxiang
    Service was good, breakfast was simple, but the location is very good, Super pingjiang road near, play is very happy!
  • geame999
    Environment is quiet, there is also a small yard. family fun is good, at the edge of a Zoo, lion Grove close in pingjiang road on the edge of
  • dxwen
    It's not bad
  • fanpai001
    Toilet smell, a little deduction
  • rubyrainapple
    Well ... Very good ... Antique garden wind
  • liuyi7869580
    Hotel hidden in the downtown, away from the garden and guanqian Street very close. building garden smell is very strong, great facilities clean. it feels good.
  • e01119884
    Antique, nice
  • Elines
    The staff were nice but they could be more helpful if they could recommend any nice western restaurants in town. And their directory of restaurants are outdated.
  • rosasalvaje22
    As always, kind, considerate, warm
  • ljy3415
    In general! hotel amenities
  • e00454292
    Very satisfied with the choice, value for money, like the hotel environment.
  • Justion
    Ideal living environment, quiet, convenient, highly recommended!
  • adssff
    The hotel is really good! Help us 2 room up-grade, great hotel service. great location good, clock 2 minutes walk to the famous ping Jiang Road, 10 minutes to the humble Administrator's Garden, is too easy. we come to Suzhou will stay next time!
  • dublue
    Oh well
  • bleucamel
    Good hotel, quiet, hotel good hardware, is very characteristic.
  • fu5969
    Very nice hotel, there are gardens and collections
  • tl_007
    Location conducive to travel, pingjiang was passing a street to. environment of the hotel is good, hospitality, bathroom odor, flower 958 lived most common room on the first floor is not too!
  • americano
    Nice hotel out is to turn right on a river side of the street at night to stroll quite exotic! and residential areas are separated from the lobby in the lobby on the first floor check and will show you to your room service was good! Parking was very convenient!
  • mesasa
    The location is very good, walking a few steps to pingjiang, eat, play is very convenient for children particularly likes to go out to see bridges, often down the steps to the water's edge. room can, but bedding appeared to be white, sheets and even a hole, there are a variety of pillows ready enough, want to change pillows call results in the past are gone.
  • mollyang
    Once is enough
  • baobao20121222
    To many people the day of arrival at the front desk for a long time, but many leisure facilities in the lobby serving tea, but also calligraphy, whiled away time accommodation was good, breakfast restaurant is relatively small, many people, don't remember go out the pingjiang road, shopping eating easy