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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
резиденция сучжоу (Scholars Hotel Suzhou Pingjiangfu), отель расположен на восточной дороге Белой башни, удобное сообщение, отели, основанные на знаменитом парке Цин - ди 'северная половина парка', интегрируется в культурный мозг у и современная роскошь в одну из наиболее популярных в сучжоу тема творческой культуры гостиницы.отель имеет роскошный, уютный и комфортный номер, в то же время есть винный ресторан, шикарная ложа, большой роскошный банкет, кафетерий, профессиональный многофункциональный конференц - зал, плюс тепло и тщательное внимательное отношение, Профессиональный сервис, будет предоставлять удобные и теплые условия для почетных гостей.в отеле есть спортзал, закрытый бассейн, для размещения гостей более совершенное оборудование, чтобы вы жили во время еды, досуга и чаепития, близость к декоративному и изысканному парку Сучжоу.
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  • boyang1988
    I only wants to said this hotel really of special good! especially figure a that bit grandfather, special special of kind enthusiasm! first times to Suzhou with we explained, sent we map, also special kind! really of feel special good! too praise has the old Grandpa! also has front desk of beauty also special good! anyway is special good! next to has also live here! must of! Yes! room also can, has balcony Oh also has small garden
  • Jennifer_87
    Quiet, good breakfast
  • e01068519
    Bed carpet Shang found a star pin, a cold sweat, this if a feet stepped on up, consequences contemplate. left when refrigerator has falls of a box package steak,, has 20 minutes didn't sent to front desk, always said fast to has fast to has, or himself to took also on 5 minutes. good's, taxi in,, had to go has. only said price very general.
  • BeNull
    Very good location, the hotel turn right out is to walk, eating is very convenient for shopping
  • Tony0102
    Health is not in place, quilt tide location, dining room very good
  • angelsgm
    Rooms are large, traffic is very convenient, good appearance details
  • ifever
    Good location, nice, big room, clean and tidy.
  • lcyu128
    Service is good
  • daidingyi
    Convenient transportation and elegant environment
  • leewei1234567
    Which is very nice
  • baron862
    Good good good good good good good good
  • j506784130
    Which is very nice
  • mandy_ly
    Suzhou preferred
  • jieall
    Hotel is very characteristic, is the balcony of the room was blocked too much, can't see what color!
  • e00118642
    Construction is very characteristic, which belongs to the quiet place, is the rare stop in Suzhou city
  • ajmm100
    In addition to higher prices, other perfect facilities, services, and attractions.
  • janewangjw
    Which is very nice
  • bitgod88
    Like decoration is simple and very quiet
  • lessir
    The environment is good
  • peely
    Location ideal for shopping and travel, hotels restaurants why has chaos?
  • jimmylotus
    Overall is good, first floor, room is quite large, if the bed is KING SIZE is perfect
  • Iris was the
    Convenient, nice, especially the inside of the garden, were concentrated in the classical gardens in Suzhou
  • jl0302
    Walked into the hotel there's a clear feeling, books smell very strong
  • e00135590
    People not as an excuse to delay stay, only to have a problem with people management. staying at very slow! hotels near the attractions, Zoo are close, does not recommend driving to weekends and holidays, traffic. single room are nice, large, clean, most notably quiet.
  • asdfw02201
    Again, as always, a good, central location, near the pingjiang road, leisurely and comfortable.
  • steven_x
    Okay, the General
  • liuliuyunyun
    Very good hotel
  • frog0612
    Hotel very nice, small bridges, the rooms are big enough. but health can do better. the restaurant is also very good, recommended
  • joy120
    New building is good, in front of the old building has a musty smell
  • fandiy
    Very nice hotel, are satisfactory in every respect, is that cleaning can health a little more in place, next time will also be considered.
  • sl9677
    Good location, belonging to the Garden Hotel, all good, but elegant rooms are very small, especially small bathrooms, nice, expensive
  • BigEricYang
    Very good
  • boonete
    Hotels Suzhou garden style, service very good. are attractions, hotel car service.
  • lvy2010
    Hotel antique style, smile describes the scenery and getting around, hoping to Suzhou again, but also live here ... ....
  • ganry
    Old facilities, but location is very good, night stroll pingjiang back easily. the hotel has its own small garden, the mood can months and drink
    Hotel location is very good, ping Jiang Road, lion forest, very close to the Zoo, and configuration of the room is very comfortable, staff very nice, especially welcoming uncle is very kind and polite, breakfast was excellent. doll sudden fever, walk to city hospital neighbor does not put in more reasonable.
  • doramango
    Right next to the Golden Bridge Street, very convenient. antique rooms, very good, excellent.
  • allenasdasd
    For the MOM and dad travel reservation. their very satisfied! especially services very satisfied!
  • E04494259
    Nice lobby staff to accompany children in classes, very attentive
  • joy1030
    The location of the hotel is very convenient, is close to the attractions, especially in pingjiang road, old street, right. the classical facilities of the hotel.
  • lilan823
    Room is a bit old, breakfast was slightly disappointing, location is great, the prices are reasonable.
  • tigerbase
    Hotel rooms really nice, good location, breakfast is also needed to strengthen
  • anne168333
    Hotel Garden features, elegant and comfortable, front desk service was excellent, accommodation is very good
  • Billy_xiong
    Room facilities like a 3 star material, feeling unworthy.
  • ruby_jwj
    Hotel not only old also is dirty room TV bad of toilet is is dirty is dirty to hotel playing has three times phone they only to processing, room inside of carpet dirty of no, towel taste also is strange! feel is is dirty is dirty do don't live! didn't on worth more than 1000 more a night, only of benefits is away from pingjiang Road Street is near other no desirable of at!
  • Mclin
    In addition, top-level environment, authentic Southern style
  • dedemio
    That's good
  • babywell117118
    Well, is the towel a little rough. shopping is convenient!
  • damao1978
    Very good hotel, just beside the pingjiang road, half rebuilt during the Qing dynasty. access is very convenient, booking the hotel's dinner buffet, as well as crabs delivered
  • flyingbaby911
    Good colleague satisfaction